Rebranding a Branding Company

I’m excited to announce a newly rebranded Red Bicycle!

When I first told someone we were rebranding, the response I got made me realize that knowing the right time to rebrand can often be confusing. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons that a company might choose to refresh their brand – a change in ownership, focusing on a new demographic, broadening or narrowing their offerings or simply to look more current.

Today we’re announcing our refreshed brand for three major reasons:

1) We’re refining who we are and what we stand for. 

A brand-driven company.
I started Red Bicycle 5 years ago as a catch-all graphic design business. And over the years, I’ve designed a little bit of everything for a broad spectrum of businesses.

But, throughout the process, I’ve realized that you can’t effectively design anything without first understanding a company’s brand – what they stand for and want to be known for.


So, in refining what Red Bicycle stands for, we’re recognizing that we are, first and foremost, a branding company. Whether we’re creating a full brand identity and message for your company or we’re just putting together a simple brochure, we will always start at your brand.

Built on authenticity. For many marketing or design companies, marketing is simply creating a facade for the way your company appears to customers. In this approach, it’s really just about manipulation. What do you have to say to get people to buy? But by starting with what your company stands for, we can engage people in a way that is rooted in authenticity. And a true story told well is a powerfully compelling thing. 

We exist for small businesses. I believe small business is the heartbeat of a community and, after working with hundreds of small businesses all over the country, we understand their unique needs and how to make building a quality brand approachable when budgets are tight.

Through our team and our vetted network of creative professionals, you only pay for the expertise you need and not the unnecessary overhead or talent you don't use.


2) We are updating our look to be more adaptable and impactful.

Don’t worry, the little red bike isn’t going anywhere. (Check out what the name “Red Bicycle” is all about.) But our newly designed logo and brand assets were chosen for several reasons:


Cleaner and more current. We removed the shadows inside the wheels and are using a line-based mark to have a more playful feel.

More adaptable and scalable. At smaller sizes, our old logo lost its detail and became difficult to recognize. The new mark scales better without loosing distinction in a wider variety of applications. 

Better cohesive colors. We’ve updated the color palette to use a softer red [Pantone 485], which is less abrasive, and higher contrasting blues. The colors work better together for high visibility and a clean, professional look.


Movement oriented shapes. Across all our marketing pieces, social media graphics and website, we’ve incorporated a more cohesive look with sharper, movement-oriented shapes. This nods to our focus of moving small businesses forward in bold ways.

3) We know where we’re going.

A larger team. Over the past year we’ve introduced a designer and customer relations manager to our team (Give a shout out to Lauren and Mel!) As we continue to grow, we’re doing so to provide a better selection of services to help in every aspect of presenting your company confidently.

More branding services. We now offer more branding-specific services such as consulting with business naming, tag lines, one-liners, elevator pitch development and more.

I love where Red Bicycle has been over the past 5+ years, and I can’t wait to show you where we’re headed in this new chapter. Wherever the next turn, I’m excited to have you along for the ride (bike pun intended).

Considering Rebranding?

I know deciding to rebrand your company is not an easy one to make. And it honestly shouldn’t be one you take lightly. If any of our reasons have resonated with you – take a moment to set up a call with us.

We’d love to help you navigate if a brand refresh would help your company grow in the years ahead.


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Tucker King