Begin: A Design Blog for Non-Designers

IF YOU'VE EVER SAT THROUGH A PRESENTATION FOR WORK (or maybe you even gave the presentation), odds are you've experienced the same boring blue PowerPoint background again and again. You know, the one that kind of looks like a stale lake.

And every slide, one after the other, is loaded from edge to edge with endless bullets of what feels like never-ending information. It only takes half a slide of this before your eyes begin to glaze over and your mind switches off to resume the ongoing debate of what your next show should be on Netflix.

Truthfully, it's these painfully mundane presentations, the clip art loaded flyers, and the convoluted charts and graphs that will disengage people in an instant. And even before they read a word of your beautifully crafted content, visually it whispers to them...

"This thing your about to look at won't be worth the time it takes you to hit the delete button."

Make It Grab Them

Just think for a second about your employees, your coworkers and yes, especially your clients. Every single one of them are people who are bombarded daily by eye-catching ads and posts that are specifically created to grab their attention and communicate one thing - that the info they are looking at is pretty darn important.

So, when they have the option to read through your latest email memo or take a look at the ad for the new Patagonia product line, which do you suppose will engage them more? Which is communicating significance and professionalism, demanding their attention and immediately demonstrating credibility? That is exactly why this blog exists.

What This is All About

This is a blog for working people who want their work to stand out from the routine, downright bland info-dump everyone else is putting out there.

Each week, check back for some simple tips and tricks of the trade to help your work come across more professional and attractive to the audience you aim to connect with.


What are some topics you want to hear about?

If you have a question about design in the workplace that you'd like to share, please do.

Tucker King