Is your company cozy this fall?

It’s that time of the year when there’s a chill to the air, a crisp breeze blowing around, and leaves turning to vibrant shades of orange and red. Soon snow will make its first appearance, and all of us will be drawn indoors around our fireplaces to keep warm. Coziness will once again be the common desire this season – the comfort and intimacy that comes from the warmth of a welcoming environment.

Ever think how that desire can impact how you market your business?

Before I can feel comfortable paying for any new product or service, I need some level of trust. And, when looking for a company to trust, the first impression holds a lot of power. If I come to a website and all I see is a homemade page with clutter and little thought put into the details, I assume that’s the kind of service I will receive as well. If I have trouble finding contact information, I assume that company will always be difficult to get in touch with. The small details make a huge difference when reaching new consumers.

Take into consideration the concept of coziness again. If I were to click on a link for a company and it takes me to a page with engaging graphics, easy to understand captions and explanations and pictures of people I can relate to enjoying the product, I immediately feel at ease. I feel like I’ve made a new friend – comfortable and valued by the ease of the experience. I feel as if the company wanted me to feel like family, already a part of the big picture. That should be the goal for any company – make someone instantly feel at home in their first encounter with your company.

LOOK at the different websites of your competitors. Take note of your first impression and then dig deeper into what works for you and what doesn’t mentally. Do the colors make you feel calm and comfortable? Do the graphics show you things that help you connect with the company by speaking simply and clearly? Is the information easily understood so you don’t feel out of the loop? Once you look at others’ sites, ask a close friend to take a look at your own. What’s their first impression? Do they think future consumers will feel welcomed and comfortable on your site? Will they trust your company? Will your logo make a lasting impression, making a consumer feel like they already know you?

It’s important to make your customer feel cozy. Make them feel like they can trust your company to deliver a service or product that will never disappoint.

What makes you feel cozy and comfortable when you encounter a new company – either online on in person?

Danielle King