Design Elements: A Brand at Work

In our Design Elements series, we're taking an up-close look at the small aspects that take a brand mark to the next level. These are the decisions designers make to deeply connect a design with the company it represents. In this week's post, I'm highlighting the internal branding work I did for a church called CityLights in Greenville, SC.

After going through a process of refining their vision as a church, CityLights needed a new look to visually assist guiding its people through this new direction. Their lead pastor, Chris Armfield, made it clear that this project needed a dynamic design that could be versatile and adaptable for several different uses.

The result (above) was unity through diversity. Each of the colored arrows represents one of the three core values of the church. And they fit together forming a balanced triangle to show that each value is essential to the work and mission of the church. But, the leadership of the church also needed to be able to speak to one value at a time, so these arrows had to have the ability to adapt and make sense independently (below).

Look at the brands you use everyday. What essential design elements do you see at play? Be sure to take a look at the work in my portfolio: CityLights Church.

Tucker King